Science homework

  This is the latest purpose of the semester and you conciliate be asked to condense your precedent familiarity from the three preceding units to sift-canvass this monograph unexceptionably.  First, you must peruse the aftercited modern journal word on the octopus. octopus inquiry.pdf You may besides approve to behold at a criticism of the preceding word to put the counsel in perspective. The sift-canvassion of this monograph needs to centre on the aftercited items and haunt in purpose that you need to determine if this inquiry is veritable and viable as an explication.  Make a resolution as to whether or not you confirm the outcomes and sift-canvass this resolution inferior the aftercited parameters: Did the scientists use the philosophical system and tentative intent?  Explain. How did technology swing their intent? What stamp of rationalistic played a separate in their last conclusions:  was it inductive, circumstantial, a league of twain? What stamp of sentiment course did the scientists flourish?  In other signification, did they flourish in the legend of the Greeks, the Romans, Copernicus, or Galileo?  Or was their contrast over swingd by Popper?