Section 1 – Advertising vs. Open Relations  Scenario:  You are the CEO of a “Rush” a new essence draught community that is looking to enter the saturated essence draught negotiate.  You scarcity to set-up a antagonism to perform awareness for your disgrace.  Please yield two examples of advertising and two examples of open kindred you get use in your antagonism to perform awareness for your disgrace.   Section 2 – Conference Questions  Scenario: You are the number of “60 Minutes” and enjoy an restricted conference after a while Ben Affleck.  Based on the suniform marks of conference inquirys discussed in rank, perform suniform conference inquirys (one of each mark) and fulfill the mark of inquiry.  For case, “Ben, what vulgar projects are you instituted on?” – Open-ended Question Section 3 – Turning-point Communications  Scenario:  You are the possessor “Rome” a hot ignoranceclub in New York City.  Late developed ignorance, “Holly” was celebrating her 21st birthday at Rome.  Unfortunately this milestone episode acid mournful.  Holly was set-up gone the direct morning in her bed due to alcohol poisoning.  Your society was the developed venue she was served at and Holly’s parents deficiency answers and uniform worse a lawsuit is unavoidable.  As the possessor and spokesperson of Rome, you scarcity to get out afront of this and perform a assertion to the lean.  In no past than two paragraphs, individualize if this was a “sudden” or “smoldering” turning-point and yield your exoneration.  Then perform a assertion to the lean and fulfill three steps you get use to harangue the risks and after a while the hopes of enriching your open effigy.  Section 4 – Lean Release  Scenario: You are an entrepreneur who is commencement up a new sports bar in downtown Providence.  Using the 8 Key Points, transcribe a lean exempt announcing this interesting new bud.  Feel gratuitous to perform up notice as requisite (including indicate of society)!