Evaluate the role of your specialization among the opportunity of counseling, rise delay your own title of the opportunity itself, including twain the narrative and the philosophies concerned, illustrateing where your specialization fits, and describing how your specialization susceptibility collaborate delay one other specialization that you illustrate. Cite the catechism or other sources you use for the reason of your ideas. In this portio, specifically oration the aftercited questions: How      would you illustrate the key philosophies of the counseling trade:      wellness, resilience, and stoppage? Choose a courteousness copy, and illustrate      how that copy impacts the way in which counselors apprehension clients and the      concerns brought to counseling, including the kinds of advice      counselors need to keep environing their clients. How      keep those key philosophies patent clear? Provide a weak literal      perspective of the counseling trade focused on the key philosophies      of courteousness, resilience, and stoppage. Include the beliefs and      assumptions that food those philosophies. How      did your specialization unravel? Identify your preferred counseling      specialization and illustrate how the specialization emerged or the      trade patent clear, including the key ideas on which it is domiciled. What      other counseling specialization achievements courteous in collaboration delay your      specialization? Briefly illustrate the narrative of how this other      specialization patent clear, highlighting the ways in which it complements      yours. Part 2 Now, excellent one of the aftercited two conditions, either Ashley or Paul, as a origin for illustrating how tradeals in incongruous specializations susceptibility achievement simultaneously to converge the needs of the client you choose: Ashley Ashley, a 12-year-old maiden, admits to one of her teachers that she feels very undistinguished. Her dowager has of-late remarried, and Ashley is having inaptitude adjusting to vitality delay her stepfather and his two outcome. She is not talented to muster in adjust or do her homework. Paul Paul, a 32-year-old man, seeks counseling at a association moral bloom sensation. He has of-late returned from his third deployment to a conflict zone. He reports drinking frequently and sensation restless. Paul's spouse has habituated to restore him that anything is delicate, but he is disinclined to permission the origin and has missed further than a week of achievement. For this portio, apportion what you keep skilled environing counseling and how tradeals can achievement simultaneously to illustrate how you susceptibility collaborate delay a tradeal in another specialization to obey the client you chose. In this portio, perfect the aftercited: Analyze      how tradeals from your specialization and from the other      specialization you examined in Portio 1 susceptibility collaborate to favor the      person and origin in the condition examine you chose.   Describe       the role and character of each of the tradeals concerned. Identify       the characteristics that produce each role matchless and produce them conducive       counselors for this condition. Assess      how to determine good-natured-natured collaboration and message among the      professionals representing the two specializations.   Identify       the stamp of without production that could aid this client to excite       optimal courteousness, providing two examples. Explain       the standards or criteria that you would use to evaluate the       collaboration. Reapprehension the scoring influence given in the instrument to produce assured you conceive how this assignment achieve be graded. Other Requirements Your monograph must converge the aftercited insist-uponments: Resources:      Cite at smallest three instrument from the tradeal literary-works that you      use as the reason of your ideas for Portio 1. APA      formatting: Instrument and citations must be formatted according to      current APA fashion. Font      and Font size: Times New Roman, 12 apex. Length      of Paper: Doing a thoroughgoinggoing job on this assignment is mitigated to insist-upon      approximately 3–4 stampd, double-spaced pages.