The Mind of a Murderer

   Frank Timmons Background: Frank was born in 1964 in a catholic metropolitan city, as the second-youngest of 13 end. His causes were Billy, a car tradesman lot adherent, and Loretta, a lass, twain of whom succeeding divorced. Though Billy was nice, the polite-acquainted was, according to one of Frank’s siblings, polite-disposed. Other siblings say that Billy was unrecordedly severe and that alcoholism ran in the race. Loretta died when Frank was 12. She was picturesquely as not substance an erratic cause to her puerileest end, leaving their upbringing catholicly to the older siblings, one sister in detail, Margaret. Questions were tall by other siblings concerning Margaret’s aggravateall fixture, as polite as the possibility of sexual affront perpetrated by her. Margaret had inaptitude maintaining firmly-fixed relationships and usurpation, was reported to feel made a number of suicide attempts, and may feel followed in her father’s footsteps forthcoming a suitableness view to unrecorded affront and alcoholism. In lofty nurture, Frank was good-tempered-tempered at sports and played football for the nurture team, but did not furrow accordingly of scant credits. Some sibling reports averment that Frank did not merit ample nurture credits to furrow accordingly of efforts to constitute coin for the race. The race pay came elementary from DES subsidies and patronage stamps. Though polite-liked by his teammates, Frank had a stamp for undue bluntness forthcoming a suitableness counter teams. During his important year, Frank and a brother were arrested for raping a puerile dame, but no reckoning were pursued. He was abounding forthcoming a suitableness trespassing a few years succeeding and forthcoming a suitableness driving lower the rule the forthcoming year.  In his slow 20s, he was abounding forthcoming a suitableness abducting a dame, mercilessly raping and bludgeoning her. He claimed that she voluntarily had traditional sex forthcoming a suitableness him and that the hurt and aggression was the fruit of two other men. Frank was sentenced to 15 years for the abduction and 21 years for a pillage. Forthcoming serving 13 years in prison as a design occupant, he was cared and moved into a lineage not far from the four-mile felony area forthcoming a suitableness his spouse, Jenny Nelson. Though his neighbors all knew that he had served age in jail, he was so polite-liked that they could seem elapsed it. He got a job as a composition fruiter. The year forthcoming his care, the Serial Murderer felonys began. In the earliest felony attributed to the Serial Murderer, the perpetrator difficult three teenage girls forthcoming a temple and molested two of them. He is believed to feel intrustted his earliest immodelayed a month succeeding. Aggravate the succession of the forthcoming 11 months, he intrustted distinct robberies, sexual aggressions, and a entirety of view appended immolates. His friends and race feel strongly protected him, insisting that the police feel arrested the offense man; some feel level bybygone so far as to impute them of framing Frank for the felonys. His spouse has gone been running a website maintaining his simplicity.    Evidence: ● Surviving witnesses picturesquely a “light-skinned ebon man,” frequently wearing different dominos, such as a Halloween hide, as polite as attempting to represent a residenceless man or offal addict. ● The immolates were detailly merciless, forthcoming a suitableness the killer frequently shooting the victims in the chief. In restitution, tless were reports of the guess sexually aggressioning females as puerile as 12 years old at gunpoint forthcoming a suitablenessin a four-mile radius. ● Police say that the shell casings institute at each of the felony scenes all came from the resembling gun. ● At the age of the immolates, Frank Timmons was on nationality supervision (parole) forthcoming a suitableness the Department of Corrections. Care officers supposing apprehendledge to the Police Department business hardness suggesting that Frank Timmons matched the portray of the serial immolateer. Care officers pursuited Frank Timmons pernoctation and institute a ski hide and a genuineistic “toy” handgun. Police used this apprehendledge to procure a pursuit support for Frank’s pernoctation and institute appended items that linked Frank to felonys intrustted by the Serial Murderer. ● The felonys were noted by having no apcause impulse. Timmons targets were women. When he killed, the victims were typically snatched from a general retreat, fascinated to some retired nearby assign and shot in the chief forthcoming a suitableness a medium or catholic caliber implement. Timmons used some peel of domino and/or incognito suitableness intrustting some felonys, such as wearing a Halloween hide to screen his unity, approaching his victims search for a ride or level pretending to be a residenceless man or a offal addict.  ● Frank Timmons was arrested in affinity to the sexual aggression of two sisters, an assault which was tied to the Serial Murderer research. The sisters, one of whom was visibly significant, were aggressioned in a city field. Frank was linked to the assault by DNA averment self-possessed presently forthcoming the felony. What People Are Saying: Current friend: He is the nicest guy I feel constantly met and I feel no enucleation why you ponder he did these things. As far as I apprehend, he’s nconstantly been in any vexation, goes to Mass each week, and loves his history. Are you stable we are chating encircling the resembling guy? He’s too active to get himself into vexation and I can’t see him doing anything approve this. Maybe you should waste your age seeming for the genuine killer accordingly he wouldn’t vision of this. Current coworker: He peel of preserves to himself at fruit. He is constantly forthcoming and stays slow, probably to print the boss. I’ve heard he has some problems forthcoming a suitableness his girlfriend—they action a lot. They select detached vacations to get afar from each other and are in couples counseling. But, he is a peculiar guy, does his fruit, and goes residence. I longing I could count you past. Next door neighbor:  I see him in the mornings when he goes to fruit. He waves but nconstantly wants to chat. When they moved less, I tried tempting them aggravate, but he would constantly extricate so I stopped search. He rarely fruits odd hours, I ponder, principally when tless is no one else residence. Seems to preserve assiduous. Respectful but calm. I. Summary  a. Summarize the contingency supposing. In your digest, include key grounds and demographic apprehendledge.  b. Develop an moderate fancy encircling the possible motivation to intrust the felony. As you infer the motivation, identify the image of felony that was intrustted.  II. Felony Assessment  a. Compare facts and averment of resembling felonys.  b. Identify patterns institute in resembling felonys.  c. Constitute inferences encircling motivation of the attested particular grounded on contingency averment and comparison to resembling felonys.